Make informed investment decisions

Making an investment is always based on trust. The more information you have, the easier it is to establish such trust.


Traditional risk assessments don’t systematically factor in various relevant aspects of a business idea or project, such as the value of early customer reviews, social media, or awards. Acredius’ artificial intelligence solution provides accurate risk assessment, and our platform makes it easy to pick and choose the projects suitable for you.



Safe and secure

The security of our platform is one of our main assets. We use Swiss-based servers with highest technology standards and encrypt all data.

Easy investments – just 3 steps to invest

In three simple steps you get to cherry-pick. Choose which projects interest you and then pick loan claims.
Diversifying your portfolio has never been simpler.

1. Browse

Look over the public list of projects. Some particularly attractive business ventures may be snapped up quickly. See something you like? Go to the next step ...

2. Register

Register on the Acredius platform as an investor to find out the details of all the projects. These include accurate risk assessment based on our AI combination of traditional creditworthiness measurement and non-conventional data. Confirm your registration and you’re ready to …

3. Invest

Choose a project and select the number of loan claims to buy. When the project you’ve selected is either fully or partially* financed, you send the amount due. The project owner will reimburse you according to the loan agreement.


*Projects that reach less than 80% of the required amount are cancelled.

Less guesswork, more accuracy

The data driven Acredius approach to assessing the creditworthiness of the projects we receive combines our artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms with information from the external credit agencies CRIF and Friendly Score. The result are risk categories and interest rates that are as accurate as possible. So you can make informed decisions on where to invest.

Invest through Acredius

It’s important to us that our assessments are accurate and you receive your repayments regularly.
After all, Acredius earns a percentage of the interest on each repayment. We gain when you do.

Spread the risk

It’s never been as easy to extend your portfolio. Acredius offers an interesting and diverse variety of short to long-term assets.

Non-volatile ROI

Unlike investing in the stock market, the return on investment on Acredius projects is not subject to wider market fluctuations. Your interest gains remain non-volatile over time.

High yields

Acredius minimises the human intervention. We also optimise the underwriting process to make the yields among the most interesting in the market.

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Recent Projects

P-C33N75V23 | 
CHF 30'000.00
16% financed
E-Bikes investment opportunity
Wholesale and retail trade, repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles
CHF 30'000.00
16% financed
12 days 09:23
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P-E19R74X96 | 
CHF 250'000.00
0% financed
Smarter car insurance using AI
Working capital
Financial and insurance activities
CHF 250'000.00
0% financed
24 days 11:23
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P-R0Q42A64 | 
CHF 185'000.00
0% financed
Digital Hiking
Arts, entertainment and recreation
CHF 185'000.00
0% financed
12 days 09:52
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Low costs, high yields

Register on Acredius for free.
No identification fee!
Delayed payment procedure
Debt collection procedure
A charge of 1% of each monthly installment.

Insightful investment opportunities

Just as a pack of peanuts “may contain traces of nuts”, investors are cautioned that the purchase of loan claims is associated with risks that include the loss of part or all of the claim amount.


Acredius is not a consultation service.


Acredius provides:

  • ACCESS to vetted and analysed start-ups and business ventures
  • accurate ASSESSMENT of the risk involved in investing


Acredius is a member of PolyReg. PolyReg is the self-regulatory body recognised by the Swiss Federal Money Laundering Control Authority. It was established according to Article 24 of the Swiss Money laundering act (MLA) and acts as regulatory and supervising organisation for its members.

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