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Simply input information about your business and project. With Acredius, getting a loan is almost paperless.
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Control over your data

You decide which information about your business and project to input. Non-traditional data like customer reviews, awards you may have won, or social media profiles can all help your case. We’ll translate your input into TRUST SIGNALS for investors.

High approval rate

Acredius optimizes approval rates by combining traditional aspects of creditworthiness assessment with non-conventional data. This increases likelihood of being approved for an Acredius loan.

Instant loan offer

Our artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms measure the probability of a default and the affordability risk in seconds, giving you an instant loan offer. Approve, and your project goes live directly to the investor pool.

Recent Projects

P-C33N75V23 | 
CHF 30'000.00
16% financed
E-Bikes investment opportunity
Wholesale and retail trade, repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles
CHF 30'000.00
16% financed
12 days 09:30
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P-E19R74X96 | 
CHF 250'000.00
0% financed
Smarter car insurance using AI
Working capital
Financial and insurance activities
CHF 250'000.00
0% financed
24 days 11:31
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P-R0Q42A64 | 
CHF 185'000.00
0% financed
Digital Hiking
Arts, entertainment and recreation
CHF 185'000.00
0% financed
12 days 09:59
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Industry statistics

You’re much more likely to get that loan through Acredius than via traditional channels.
Financing the easy way.

Market approval rate

Average rate of financing approvals on conventional platforms.*

Acredius approval rate

Average approval rate for Acredius.

SME Crowdlending in CHF

SMEs received over CHF 350 Million through online platforms in 2017 including crowdlending.*

*Source: Lucerne School of Business, Institute of Financial Services Zug Crowdfunding: an international comparison Crowdfunding Monitoring 2017

The Acredius rating system

We translate what you tell us about your business and project into trust signals, to make the rating more accurate. The better your risk class, the lower your interest rate.


Invest and diversify

Diversify your portfolio by making insightful investments of any size. Acredius gives you data you can trust, giving you the whole picture. Acredius means: more accurate risk assessment for informed decision-making leading to higher returns.

Partners & Network

  • TMF Group: Partner

  • Kellerhals Carrard: Legal Advisor

  • Swiss Finance + Technology Association: Member

  • Swiss Finance Startups: Member

  • Swiss Crowdfunding Association: Member

  • Swiss Marketplace Lending Association: Member

  • NetComm Suisse: Member

  • Westhive: Member

  • PolyReg: Regulator